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GameGoon is hub for competitive console and PC gamers. Users can stake real money in matches against other users, either through challenges, pick-up games or tournaments. GameGoon supports a huge library of video games, so fans of nearly any genre can find a match that suits them.

Once you sign up, you will have the option to deposit money into your account. These funds will be used to enter matches on GameGoon. Entry fees start at just a dollar, so even users on a budget can compete for prizes on GG.

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GameGoon offers three ways to play, including challenges, tournaments and pick-up games. Users can also organize teams and join team challenges, tournaments and pick-up games. This includes all of the latest generation consoles, as well as legacy consoles. If it connects to the internet, you can play it's library of games on GameGoon.

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Users that join PC matches must use Steam (if applicable) and our proprietary anti-cheat program (GGAC). Our staff is on hand to review disputes, demo recordings and screenshots taken during matches, giving us access to a wealth of data for each match. During each dispute review, we prefer to err on the side of caution and believe in supporting fair competition on all of our gaming platforms. is also 100 percent legal. GG is not a gambling site and matches involve games of skill, not chance.

For more information on how GGAC works, click here: GGAC




How do I get started?

Registration is simple and free. Once you’re signed up, you can check out the available matches, edit your profile, organize a team and put funds in your account. Once you’ve read through the help and rules pages, all you need to do is find a match, join it and compete.


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